Soldier’s Stories

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It has often been said that, “the history of the Civil War is the stories of its soldiers.” That statement is particularly true for those men who served in United States Colored Troops regiments. Often met with discrimination at nearly every turn, they persevered under extremely trying and dangerous circumstances, always striving to make a difference. Whether formerly enslaved or born free, most black soldiers drew motivation from future possibilities. These men understood that as long as slavery survived in the United States their prospects for citizenship and receiving equal acknowledgement before the law were limited. Once finally allowed to enlist in the United States army they proved themselves as men and demonstrated that they were worthy of enjoying the rights outlined in the Constitution. Time after time, African American Union soldiers performed heroic actions during battle. At the Battle of New Market Heights examples of determination, sacrifice, and devotion to duty abound and provide us (regardless of race) with stories which remain inspiring and relevant in 21st Century America. Here, you will find a few of their amazing stories.

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